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20 February 2024

About the Project

VirtuGrp has developed the first Asset Owner based Facilities Access Platform.  It has been designed to assist owners of vertical asset such as Local and State Government Power Poles, Street Light Poles and Traffic Signal Poles to present them for rent to the Mobile Telecommunications Carriers and IoT infrastructure users.


In collaboration with Yurika the Facilities Access Platform is modelled to be used by Asset Owners. It assists them in adding value by grading the vertical assets and helping both Owners and Users with a quick approval process for Small Cells.

VirtuGrp & Yurika have spent over 12 months jointly customising the Facilities Access Platform which was demonstrated at various events with interested Asset Owners and Users.

The efforts have resulted in numerous commercial agreements with Local Councils such as Brisbane City Council and Southern State Councils and various State Government agencies


The focus of the collaboration was to reduce the time and friction involved in having Asset Users agree rental conditions on Asset Owner vertical assets.  By understanding the needs of both parties we can:

  • Reduce the approval time to months rather than years by arranging pre-approval on assets
  • Help Asset Owners to gain the highest return on their assets by having them graded before being presented to the Users.


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