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Yurika Telecom: Radio Coverage Desktop Analysis

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20 February 2024

About the Project

Various clients have requested VirtuGrp and Yurika Telecom to complete high-level radio and transport design services to support such technologies as 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, LoRa and P25


The desktop radio coverage analysis service uses a number radio frequency predication tools to assist in the high-level radio and transport network design. As part of the process the analysis indicates the minimum number of radio cells required to fulfil the customers coverage and capacity needs.​

The Radio Coverage Desktop Report (the deliverable) contains the predicated coverage plots of each selected radio technology in isolation and at coverage cluster level and along with recommended back haul technologies to support the radio solution.


As part of the services virtuGrp in partnership with Yurika Telecom key areas covered such as:​

  • Provide predicated coverage reports of 4G/5G services on existing vertical assets with Metro and Regional areas.
  • Identify new vertical asset requirements to fulfil target coverage areas.
  • Deliver P25 planned coverage reports to support government proposals.
  • Transport Design


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