Solving scalability challenges to help Telcos cement their future growth.

Energy & Utilities

Leveraging technology to power future technologies.

Mining & Resources

Towards smarter use of our environment and natural resources

Our focus is to bring global experience and insight from industries that are fast transforming to those that are yet to undergo an ICT transformation. These insights form the basis of our global best practice. We do this through:

  • Continuous learning and development of insight in market trends, latest technologies, operational methods and business models
  • Applying these learnings to ongoing engagements, projects and internal operations
  • Creating cases of cross industry application through innovation processes, engaging with new partners and forming solutions to generate customer value

Frameworks for transformation

We use a number of key frameworks to drive transformative programs

  • GRC - Governance, Risk and Compliance Framework
  • ETOM - Business Process Framework
  • ITIL - Best Practice Framework

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