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Our Purpose

VirtuGrp’s purpose is to harness the power of people and technology to do good things for our customers, society and planet. Our goal is to improve our lives and the way we live and work by actively collaborating and leveraging a collective expertise of highly skilled ICT professionals to apply powerful technology to do new things and to operate more efficiently in the digital world. Trust drives our ways of working.

Who we are

With over 20+ years of experience in Telecom and IT sectors in senior commercial, delivery and operational leadership roles, our team along with our network of highly experienced professionals and partner companies can help our customers understand what current and emerging technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things and Edge Cloud Computing can do for their business.

How we Operate

We operate in a High Trust Network with a liquid operational model. The core of the model is built around teams acting together, focusing on the common purpose to provide customer value and outcome.

Service Centric Model

Our service delivery based model allows us to easily scale to the right level of capacity and capability, providing the best possible outcome for the customer. Our Service Delivery principles are:

  • Agility: with a way to manage complex and rapidly changing engagements
  • Innovation: with forward leaning engagements and project execution
  • Lasting: our decisions are value and outcome based which gives us resilience to form long term partnerships with our customers

We believe that the best way to create trust in a high performing team is to enable it to manage itself, create its own purpose and provide autonomy. Only then can ideas truly come to life.

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