Innovating for better use of our land

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By 2050, Agriculture production will need to increase by 70% of current production levels to meet the growing population demands


Connectivity and Network coverage are the biggest hurdles towards transformation of farming and agriculture practices.

Why its important

Without adequate coverage, modern methods of process improvement and automation cannot be implemented. Valuable data and insights cannot be obtained

Micro Weather Data
Autonomous Vehicles
Chemical Use Compliance
Smart Irrigation
Soil Composition
Silo & Fertiliser Levels

Network Options


Private 5G/LTE



Operated by

National Carriers through the Public Network

Privately Owned

Service Providers or Privately Owned

Service Providers

Data Volumes

5G/LTE High Throuput

5G/LTE High Throuput

Low Throughput

Low Throughput

Data Quality

Limited Options

Self Optimised



Guaranteed Coverage

Carrier Dependant

Self Provisioned

Provider Dependant

Broad Availability


Costly at large scale

Costly at smaller scale



Device Ecosystem

Expanding Ecosystem

Expanding Ecosystem

Strong Ecosystem

Limited Ecosystem

Private 5G/LTE

New insight into Production

Smart sensors and controllers enable improvements and automation of key production processes

Device Considerations

Sensor Type

Specifications of the sensor hardware match the requirements for field use

Battery & Servicability

Lifespan of the device battery and requirements for field servicing

Connectivity Type

Supported Connectivity methods and dependencies on aging technology


Device Build and Form Factor. Support for outdoor weather conditions


General longevity of the device including vendor support for upgrades

Open Ecosystem

Hardware, Software and Services separation by the device vendor

Remote Asset Monitoring

Location and utilisation of farming assets are key factors in optimising production capacity and workflow

Visualising assets provides valuable opportunities for increased production and quality, as well as higher utilisation of existing assets

Vehicle Realtime Location
People Location & Proximity
Asset Status & Health
Inventory Stockpile
Livestock Movement
Water & Chemical Usage

Record Keeping

Combined with external data sources, sensor input is enriched and transformed into insights that inform better decisions

Historical Events
Counters and KPIs


Our applications simplify the complexity of data systems to enable fast access to powerful insights and predictions


Worker Safety
Control the running state of machinery based on hazard risks and worker proximity
Asset Tracking
Real-time monitoring of moving equipment
Remote Monito­ring
Manage remote assets with historical trends
Case Mana­gement
Compliant assets through an irrefutable audit trail

Case Studies


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