Artificial Intelligence for IOT

7 January, 2019

After many years in the wilderness, AI is back on the hype curve and will change the world again. Or, will it? AI is always cool, but what has changed to justify the current hype?

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Industries are transforming. Over the next 5 years, the market for digital transformation is expected to triple that of today as companies begin reaching digital maturity. At the same time, early digital adopters are leading market disruption, some are falling behind and already seeing the effects on their bottom line, while most are waging bets on evolution of technology they committed to over the past decade.

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The power in technology is how it comes together. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things and 5G technologies provide a backbone for enormous business possibilities, but the speed of distribution and exchange of information puts enormous pressure on security systems to maintain data privacy and validate authenticity of transactions.

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Doing Good Things

Our purpose is to harness the power of people and technology, enabling us to do good things for our customers, society and the planet. Our goal is to improve life for all and the way we live and work.

Our door is always open to individuals who share our passion and want to be part of our journey.

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Outcome Driven

The virtuGrp way of working enables us to constantly adapt and adjust in a fast and effective way, helping our customers to manage risk and leverage opportunities that occur in a disruptive and complex business environment.

Our decisions are value and outcome based which creates long term partnerships with our clients.

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Artificial Intelligence for IOT

7 January, 2019

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