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Asset grading technology ensures streetscape integrity during 5G small cell deployments

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24 August 2023

The rollout of 5G small cell technology has sparked widespread discussions among global asset owners about its impact on city streetscapes. These small cell devices are most effectively placed on vertical structures, including power poles, streetlights, bus stops, traffic signposts, and gantries.

To address these concerns and manage the deployment of small cell technology, asset owners are turning to innovative asset grading technology. This technology not only safeguards streetscapes but also generates revenue for asset owners by making assets available to telecommunication network operators.

The latest 5G technology offers lightning-fast data speeds, lower latency, and improved connectivity, driving its rapid deployment in urban areas. While the advantages of this technological leap are undeniable, challenges have emerged regarding site acquisition speed, asset availability, and the visual and structural impact of bulky antennas and equipment.

In response, asset owners are collaborating with tech innovators like VirtuGrp, to develop intelligent asset grading systems. These systems employ advanced algorithms to assess asset market value based on anticipated demand, offering insights for telecommunication network operators, site acquisition teams, design professionals, and network planners.

The asset grading system evaluates factors such as size, design, type, and location, assigning an asset value based on estimated demand from telecommunication network operators. This helps asset owners understand potential revenue and visualise the impact of deployment.

A key aspect of this asset grading technology is its adaptability. The system remains up-to-date to reflect changes in the environment, ensuring the long-term harmony between assets, 5G small cell devices, and community streetscapes.

Regulatory bodies worldwide are embracing these innovative solutions, aligning with their goals of preserving city character while embracing technological progress. With an efficient asset grading system, local authorities can streamline the permitting process, facilitating smoother and faster 5G deployments.

As 5G technology transforms the digital landscape, asset owners and city planners must balance modern infrastructure needs while maintaining the integrity of traditional streetscapes. Asset grading technology bridges this gap, fostering collaboration between asset owners, tech experts, and regulatory bodies for a harmonious coexistence of technological advancements and urban charm.

Despite challenges, this collaboration sets the stage for better business insights, improved automation, faster response times, and advanced artificial intelligence across industries. As asset grading technology evolves, it is becoming an essential tool in creating smart and visually appealing urban environments.

Interested in finding out what your vertical assets are worth or how you can better manage rapid deployment of 5G small cell technology? Let’s connect – we’d love to tell you more about VirtuGrp’s Facilities Access Platform.

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