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29 January 2024

The era of private enterprise telecommunications networks is here, and with it, lies unparalleled connectivity opportunities – 4G, 5G, or in fact, whatever solution you may require.  These private networks are designed exclusively and specifically to address your business needs and operations.

Among the many benefits of these private enterprise networks, comes the simplicity of contract negotiations void of large telecommunication operator requirements, a simple singular subscription model, and, more direct and immediate control of telecommunication network outages.

Sound like a dream come true?  Well, for many, it’s now fast becoming a reality.

"The reality is that many enterprises simply don’t have the capability to navigate the challenges of managing these new assets"

As enticing as this sounds, the reality is still being worked through. Operating and maintaining these private enterprise networks is posing some challenges for enterprises who’ve chosen to boldly take the plunge.

While these dedicated private networks offer brilliantly tailored, flexible connectivity options, they also require a very nuanced approach to implementation – no ‘one-size-fits-all’.

Head of Operations at VirtuGrp Australia, Trent Spiers added his insights to the equation.

“These networks require tailored hardware and software. They require regular lifecycle management to ensure the latest upgrades and technology, and to ensure they remain in a reliable, well-maintained state” he said.

“While we acknowledge these networks are nowhere near as complex as larger carrier networks, enterprise networks are still much more intricate than traditional Wi-Fi setups, sometimes needing dedicated support 24/7, depending on how it’s being used”.

“Increasingly, what we’re hearing from clients, is that it’s often these operational demands that can very quickly jeopardise a business case for getting an enterprise network in the first place” he said.

While ongoing asset management and maintenance may be an established function within enterprises, many lack the internal skills to match and manage this dynamic and new emerging technology.  Further exacerbating the issue, is that most major operators and vendors are unlikely to provide dedicated support teams for each unique enterprise network due to their bespoke nature, and instead, choose to focus their time on future development of the technology, software and networks.

While owning this valuable piece of telecommunication network infrastructure is a great step in the right direction, ensuring it meets current and future business needs, keeps pace with the ever-changing telecommunications landscape, and aligns with unique business requirements becomes a critical, outstanding responsibility.

“Increasingly we’re finding that the burden of operating and maintaining these private networks is falling on the enterprises themselves to manage and maintain, and the reality is that many of these enterprises simply don’t have the capability to navigate the challenges of managing these new assets,” said Trent.

So how are the creators of this private enterprise telecommunications technology truly considering outcomes for customers? Beyond profit motives, anecdotally, it seems there is a lack of focus on ensuring that this revolutionary capability continues to serve the businesses that need it the most.

The team at VirtuGrp however, are continuing to do good things and bring good news. They’ve been contemplating these challenges closely for some time now.

“Since the inception of private enterprise technology, we’ve been collaborating with a range of global operators and enterprises to comprehensively deliver long-lasting solutions” said VirtuGrp CEO, Peter Lejon.

“We offer expertise and support, operations and maintenance services, or, workforce capability uplift programs to skill your own teams in how to properly manage and maintain these valuable assets” he said.

As pioneers in the field, VirtuGrp are well placed to understand the intricacies of balancing the freedom that these private telecommunications networks offer, with the necessity of consistent, high-quality service.

If you’re looking for a forward-thinking approach to ensure your enterprise network investment remains a strategic asset, delivering on its promises – give us a call, let’s connect.

Trent Spiers​

Head of Operations, VirtuGrp Australia

Melbourne, Australia

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