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19 December 2023

In the ever-evolving and complex world of telecommunications, a surge in demand for enterprise networks is quickly capturing global attention and prominent interest across a range of industries.

At the heart of this bustling interest is the probing question around what an enterprise network actually is. In delving deeper, defining this proves as diverse as the technologies that underpin it —be it 4G, 5G, 5GMMwave, or non-3GPP variations. The labyrinth of options surrounding enterprise networks and how they are built, form an important part of their hybrid definition.

“While sophisticated enterprise network technology is now tried, tested and readily available, one of the biggest challenges is finding reliable post-deployment support”

VirtuGrp’s CEO, Peter Lejon, explained that common consensus views enterprise networks as meticulously crafted telecommunication networks that are honed to address very unique business needs. These needs may be driven by location, latency, speed, or other specific requirements a business may have in order to achieve optimal operations.

Positioned between the confines of wifi and the expansiveness of carrier networks, enterprise networks often find their niche in locations that are often overlooked by major carriers” said Peter.

This is largely due to the fact that they can better cater to industry-specific requirements with precision” he said.

Regardless of the plethora of definitions —enterprise networks demand operational finesse, and this is where VirtuGrp continues to demonstrate its value in the market.

While sophisticated enterprise network technology is now tried, tested and readily available, one of the biggest challenges is finding reliable post-deployment support”.

Operating on a scale of 2-10 radio units, these networks often fall into a managerial grey area—they’re not large enough for a dedicated operations team, yet critical enough to require expert attention. As an example, some of these networks even govern autonomous vehicles, necessitating vigilant 24×7 monitoring.

VirtuGrp, boasting demonstrated global experience in telecommunications operations, emerges as the answer, ensuring uninterrupted service through real-time monitoring, fault handling, and capacity optimisation.

We’re able to offer peace of mind through ongoing operations, maintenance and monitoring of these networks anywhere in the world” said Peter.

As demand for these purpose-built connectivity solutions continues to rise, VirtuGrp stands ready to lend its expertise. Free from the high-end cost of major carriers, managed privately, these enterprise networks come at a fraction of the price.

So, with the enterprise network definition now explained, it seems the future connectivity of your business lies well and truly in your hands – it can be anything you need it to be.

Interested in exploring options? Connect with VirtuGrp today – doing good things for businesses worldwide. 

Peter Lejon

CEO - VirtuGrp

Stockholm, Sweden

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