Network Access & Coverage

Connectivity and Network coverage are the biggest hurdles towards transformation of some industries.

Why its important

Without adequate coverage, modern methods of process improvement and automation cannot be implemented. Valuable data and insights cannot be obtained

Utili­sation of Assets
Autono­mous Machines
Regula­tory Compliance
Emission Tracking
Structure & Forces
Safety and Hazard Alerts

Network Options


Private 5G/LTE



Operated by

National Carriers through the Public Network

Privately Owned

Service Providers or Privately Owned

Service Providers

Data Volumes

5G/LTE High Throuput

5G/LTE High Throuput

Low Throughput

Low Throughput

Data Quality

Limited Options

Self Optimised



Guaranteed Coverage

Carrier Dependant

Self Provisioned

Provider Dependant

Broad Availability


Costly at large scale

Costly at smaller scale



Device Ecosystem

Expanding Ecosystem

Expanding Ecosystem

Strong Ecosystem

Limited Ecosystem

Private 5G/LTE

Explore Options

Explore Connectivity options and benefits to see what connectivity mix is right for you

Radio Design & Optimisation

Radio Coverage Services include Analysis and Optimisation of the Radio Network to meet the desired business needs. Coverage requirements vary between industry needs and the type of network being operated

Enquire about RF Design & Optimisation Services

Private Networks

Take control of your coverage and network accessibility


Be in control of coverage

Secure Network

Less reliance on external security factors

Data QOS

Control your own quality of service to guarantee access to data​

High Throughput

Enable applications that require high volume of data transfer

Enquire about Private Networks

Managed Connectivity

Networks require ongoing management, planning and optimisation. Our teams across multiple geographic sites in Australia, Europe and Americas provide a Follow-The-Sun Managed Connectivity Service to help our customers maintaining their networks.

Enquire about Managed Connectivity Services

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