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About the Practice

Artificial Intelligence Practice consists of services specialising in application of AI and Machine Learning technology to deliver new dimensions of value to organisations seeking to transform their business processes. Our services are intended to not only serve in value creation, but to also provide support for the lifecycle of AI solutions as well as safeguard pathways for obtaining and owning data.

How services are delivered

Our services are designed to address the business problems through a systematic approach:

  1. Understanding of the Business Problem
  2. Data Research and Preparation
  3. AI Modelling
  4. Evaluation and Interpretability
  5. Deployment of ML Ops



AI Strategy offers a broad scope of Services to help formulate AI Roadmaps based on the value specific to the organisation

  • Audit and Initiation
  • Company AI Maturity Level Assessment
  • AI Value Assessment
  • AI Technology Roadmap
Training Services demystify AI for various stakeholders from C-level executives and Directors, to individual contributors like Analysts and developers. In a few sessions, students will learn the basics that will allow them to gain understanding and the terminology needed to effectively evaluate AI.
As part of our AI Business Solutions, we help our customers with design, development and deployment of E2E use cases, including a production ready AI model frontend, backend and application layer development. These applications can integrate with other systems such as ERP, CRM, data lakes or any other custom business applications.
AI Operations Services are enabled through our Solution Centre, specifically designed to support different variations of AI applications. The Solution Centre operates across multiple global hubs with the objective of curating and enhancing the quality of ingested data & models, so as to drive repeatable and consistent value over time.

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