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Telecom Business Strategy Services offer a broad scope to help our customers understand the networking technologies, choose connectivity ecosystems, and establish their infrastructure as future proof.

Radio Coverage Services include Analysis and Optimisation of the Radio Network to meet the desired business needs. Coverage requirements vary between industry needs and the type of network being operated.

Network Design and Optimisation Services offer a structured End-to-End perspective of the network, from Core and Radio networks, to Operational and Billing systems. Each industry demands different network attributes and features that need to be considered in the earliest phases of network planning.

Our Build Services operate through comprehensive network deployment processes that include:

  • Network Staging
  • Testing and Verification
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Asset Management

As part of our Build Services, we help our customers meet critical milestones in deploying their network infrastructure, including

  • Cloud and Edge Design and Deployment
  • Network Virtualisation
  • Application Migration

Network Operations Services are enabled through our Solution Centre, specifically designed to support different variations of network solutions that derive from industry based requirements. The Solution Centre operates across multiple global hubs.

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Private 5G

Connected Devices

Welcome to the home of good engineering


Distributed Ledger

Private 5G


Explore options to see what connectivity mix is right for you

Process Automation

Smart devices enable automation of key production processes

Track & Trace

Location and utilisation of mobile assets are key factors in optimising capacity and workflow

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