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Cyber Security Practice exists to help our customers safeguard new ways of doing business throughout the digital revolution and continuously changing regulations on Data Privacy, Integrity and Digital Identity. Our services are intended to not only ensure adherence to new standards, but also provide safe pathways for our customers to innovate freely with some of the most cutting edge technologies.

How services are delivered

Technology innovations in different areas of business are placing a strain on existing cyber security systems. Our services are developed to address the complexity of ICT systems.
  1. Changes to technology and system design
  2. Data structures and distributed nature of information flow
  3. Policies, procedures and regulatory requirements
  4. People processes and information access


Our Auditing and Risk Analysis Services provide a detailed report of security gaps, as ICT Systems evolve over time and new regulations are enforced, risks in security policies begin to occur.

Cyber Security Solution Design Services are delivered by globally recognised experts with decades of experience in numerous industries, including Telecoms, Financial Services, Government and many others.

Our Threat Detection and Response Services make the most of technology, automation and Artificial Intelligence to identify and act on real security threats.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Deployment Services are technology based solutions that provide a proven pathway in securing Personal Identity, Data Integrity and complex Business Processes.

Cyber Security Operations Centre Build Services enable organisations to centrally manage all aspects of Cyber Security within their operational environment.

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Key Areas of Expertise

Distributed Ledger Technology

Digital Identity

Cyber Security Infrastructure

Data Privacy

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Threat Management

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