PwC: Regional Digital Connectivity Program for the NSW Government

About the Project The Regional Digital Connectivity (RDC) program is a key initiative of the New South Wales (NSW) Government to invest in critical infrastructure across regional NSW under the $4.2 billion Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund (SHLF). Via the program, the NSW Government is exploring ways to provide faster and more reliable digital connectivity across regional NSW. […]

Telstra Purple: Operational Readiness for Mining Connectivity

About the Project Telstra Purple offers reliable, secure communications to mining sites, even in remote locations. They provide connectivity from pit to port, supporting flexible, agile ways of working and end-to-end management visibility and control. They empower businesses with unique solutions tailored for the mining industry, underpinned by their leading network infrastructure and international capability. […]

Demystifying enterprise networks

In the ever-evolving and complex world of telecommunications, a surge in demand for enterprise networks is quickly capturing global attention and prominent interest across a range of industries.

Asset grading technology ensures streetscape integrity during 5G small cell deployments

The rollout of 5G small cell technology has sparked widespread discussions among global asset owners about its impact on city streetscapes. These small cell devices are most effectively placed on vertical structures, including power poles, streetlights, bus stops, traffic signposts, and gantries. To address these concerns and manage the deployment of small cell technology, asset […]

VirtuGrp and Extracticon form a Strategic Partnership to bring Lequinox DLT to the market

VirtuGrp, Extracticon and Lequa Net have formed a Strategic Partnership to drive joint collaboration in bringing together Lequinox® Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and VirtuGrp’s IoT and Connectivity solutions to the market. Lequa Net is the distribution arm of the Lequinox® DLT, which enables information assurance and data transparency. This technology will build on top of […]

VirtuGrp partners with ExactSpace on collaboration with Industrial AI

We are excited to announce our partnership with ExactSpace, who will also be joining our Marketplace. ExactSpace is an Industrial AI Company that helps their customers answer difficult questions in their impact on future generations and sustainability of our planet. By utilising cutting edge analytics and AI technologies, they have been able to specialise in […]

VirtuGrp partners with Trace

We are excited to announce our partnership with Trace that will see us collaborating on new innovative technologies and digital solutions. Trace has become a leading innovator in data integrity and transparency, and we look forward to working with their technology Learn more about Trace:

Think Big, Start Small

The technological revolution and greater development of wireless connectivity, 5G network and the Internet of Things enable data collection to be shown in terms of innovation and product development, the “sky is the limit”.

The Invisible Value of Digital Twins

By leveraging data, smart technologies, advanced analytics and manpower, companies can provide better products and services, optimize their value chains, and maximize return on capital. Effective data-sharing applications are essential to define key success factors and to enable manufacturers and enterprises to derive value from their data.

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